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About Us
  Venture Crew 396 is a crew that is based out of Schaumburg, Illinois. We are a part of the Pathfinder District in the Northwest Suburban Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  

Like other adventure crews we abide by both the Adventure Oath and Code, which go as follows.


As a venture, I promise to do my duty to god and help strengthen America, to help others, and to seek truth and adventure in our world.


As a venture, I believe that America's strength lies in our trust in god and in the courage, strength, and traditions of our people.

I will therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a personal sense of honor in my own life.

I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.

I will recognize the dignity and worth or all humanity and will use fair play and goodwill in my daily life.

And this is the end I will acquire the venturing attitude that seeks the truth in all things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world.


We are a relatively new crew with many very good ideas for trips and get-togethers.

If you are interested in joining please call Kevin B. at (847) 891 - 5328 and tell him that you are interested in joining Crew 396 and he will set you up with the proper information OR come to anyone of our crew meetings listed on the Calendar page. Everyone is welcome to come and sit and participate in a crew meeting.